Section 2.1.2 Schedule 11 Of The Supply Point Administration Agreement

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The Smart Energy Code is a multi-party agreement that defines the rights and obligations of energy suppliers, network managers and other stakeholders involved in the end-to-end management of Smart Metering in the UK. The SEC will take effect under the license of the Data and Communications Company (DCC), set up to manage the communications infrastructure for smart meters. The Uniform Network Code (UNC) is the legal and contractual framework of the competitive gas industry for gas transport and supply. It has a common set of rules ensuring that competition can take place on an equal footing. It regulates processes such as gas system compensation, network planning and network capacity allocation. The Transfer Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) establishes interoperable agreements between gas suppliers and carriers in the UK retail market. This is a multi-party agreement to which all domestic gas suppliers and gas carriers must comply with their licences. The SPAA was created to manage procedures between suppliers and suppliers that are not normally covered by existing contracts or agreements, but which have been deemed important for the effective and effective transfer of consumers between suppliers. Our decisions on the proposed amendments to this agreement are listed below. If you would like to discuss whether you should participate in this code and, if so, how to become one, please contact SPAA. Citizens` advice helps people solve their problems. As the UK`s largest provider of consultancy, they are able to deal with all the issues, debt and employment, debt, employment, consumers and housing, and everything in between. .

If you have any questions on the site, please contact us via LiveChat or call Helpdesk on 020 7432 3005 between 9am and 5pm. Please browse for the latest SPAA coronavirus updates (COVID-19). If you need the operational coordinates of the SPAA parts, you must be a user of the registered site. Please browse to “Become a website user” to request an account. Your company SPAA Contract Manager must approve your application of the site. It is a non-ministerial government authority and an independent national regulatory authority, recognised by European directives. SPAA EC commissioned ElectraLink, as code administrator for the SPAA, to create a short webinar to explain REC`s transition theft agreements. The aim of this webinar is to respond to the reaction of the SPAA party to the… The appointment of members and directors of the executive committee of SPAA Limited 2020/2021 Governance plays a key role in the sector and relies on the expertise and members who make up the codes, panel or board of directors.


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